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Nice to meet you. I'm Chamu. Software Engineering student and passionate programmer.
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Chamu RajasekeraAbout Me

I am an engineering student currently in my third year of Software Engineering & Game Design at McMaster University. I am extremely passionate about programming, art, and design. I first started programming around the age of 13, and continued to hone and develop that skill for several years. I am addicted to learning — I often spend my free time attempting to learn things I find interesting. I love creating things; I find programming, game design, and web development the best outlets for my passion. At the moment, I am focusing on my academics as well as working on personal side projects, as well as looking for internships and co-op positions (so if you have one, let me know in the contact section!).


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Looking to hire? I'm currently looking for internships and summer co-op positions, but feel free to cantact me for anything!

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